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The Start of Our Mission

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs when military veterans come back from war, between 5% and 20% are estimated to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

These alarming statistics continue to terrify veterans and families of veterans. For veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, each day can be a struggle. PTSD includes a range of symptoms that deeply affect family members. When someone has PTSD, their ability to function as a parent or partner is impacted, and changes in their functioning can lead to unmet family needs and increased stress within the family.

Veterans who have service dogs reported significantly fewer symptoms of PTSD and better scores for psychological well-being, coping skills, and other measures of well-being.


Veterans died from suicide every day in 2018 (on average).

Become a part of something bigger, join our mission to provide service dogs to veterans with PTSD.

Our Mission

These service dogs don’t just change lives, they save lives. With the help of a service dog, those with disabilities, can feel empowered to complete tasks that before may have felt traumatizing or impossible to complete alone.

K9 Mission is driven by helping people with disabilities gain confidence and to help them feel that they are no longer lost. K9 Mission’s service dogs provide purpose to those who felt like they no longer had one. Our K9s have been proven to combat anxiety, stress, depression, and suicide.

The mission is to provide these dogs to those suffering from PTSD in lieu of medication. In some cases, service dogs are a veterans last hope.

These K9s bring light and comfort to those suffering and to the families of those suffering. They brighten spirits and change dynamics of homes for the better.

With the help of our donors and our community we plan to expand our dog rescue initiative so we are not only saving the lives of Veterans but K9s as well.

Our goal is to train and place as many K9s as possible, we just need your help.

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We can’t do this alone. Everyone needs help sometimes. Join us in helping provide constant companions for those who are suffering, as well as bring peace of mind to families of those with disabilities.

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