Meet Our K9s

These future companions have completed their training and are ready to aid as well as provide unconditional love and acceptance.

Meet Kai:

Kai came to us to complete tailored training to be partnered with his owner. From the moment we met Kai, we knew he would make an incredible partner and tirelessly provide the best assistance to his owner. We know from the bottom of our hearts that Kai will give hope and confidence to someone who needs it the most. 

Meet Mika:

Mika, the sweetest future companion you could ever want for you or your loved one. Mika has excelled in her training and will make an incredible guide for her future best friend.

Meet Mauser:

Mauser is proving himself to be a dedicated K9. We know Mauser will brighten anyone’s spirit and make a life changing impact on his future companion.

Meet Mission:

K9 Missions mascot, this K9 started our mission. Mission represents K9 Mission with pride, dedication and support. As our mascot, Mission also visits the elderly in nursing homes, the smiles on their faces when they see her could brighten anyone’s day. We are so grateful for Mission.

K9 Training

Our Service dogs are chosen for their solid temperaments, calm demeanor, ability to serve under pressure and handler focus.

During the training period, the service dogs are socialized in every environment, with different breeds of dogs, with families and children, and more.

  • Our K9s are trained to perform tasks and behave obediently using positive reinforcement and leadership.
  • Our K9s are taught a list of core commands, and they follow a basic training schedule as puppies.
  • Once a dog is nearing completion of the program and is matched with a specific client, the dog’s training is tailored to the client’s unique needs.
  • Once the dog has completed its training, it will be placed with its forever partner.

These K9s will increase the freedom and quality of life of individuals with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities or who are in other situations of need.

Help us achieve our mission.